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Why do you need a tripod

what is the purpose of a tripod?
You might need a tripod for some or all of the following reasons:

1. To increase sharpness and depth of field in your images by keeping the camera still in low-light environments when using slow shutter speeds.

2. To rest heavy camera gear such as long telephoto lenses on the tripod.

3. To increase the quality of the images by keeping the camera ISO low.

4. To allow more careful composition, while framing the shot exactly how you want it.

5. To shoot HDR and panoramic shots that require exactly the same framing and precision.

6. To photograph nighttime objects such as the Moon, planets, stars, etc.
as well as painting with light or using available light for landscape and architectural' target='_blank'>photography.

7. To do self-portraits with a camera timer.

8. To shoot extreme close-ups/macro (flowers, insects, etc).

9. To hold various objects such as flashes, reflectors, etc.

10. To shoot at difficult or impossible (hand-held) angles.

11. To shoot vibration-free videos.

12. To defend yourself   ^o^

I personally use a tripod for one main reason – landscape photography.
Shooting sunrises and sunsets can be quite challenging,
especially when the light conditions are far from ideal.
Although with the recent introduction of ultra wide-angle lenses
such as Nikon 16-35mm f/4.0 VR with vibration-reduction technology and DSLR cameras such
as Nikon D3s that have very impressive high ISO performance,

you are almost no longer required to use a tripod. However, I still prefer to use a tripod to keep camera ISO low (at base ISO) and to frame the shot for HDR and panoramic images. In addition, there are situations where you must use a tripod in order to slow down and blur action, such as photographing streams and waterfalls as shown in the image below.

Therefore, if you are into landscape photography, a good tripod is a must and any pro will tell you the same thing.

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